Port Agency Service Includes Shipping Agent (Bulk/Feeder/Tanker/Container/RO-RO/Liner/Naval/UN-AID Cgo).Project & Heavy Lift Cargo Handling.Owner’s Agent or Owner’s Protecting Agent.Charterer’s Agent.Liner Agent.Agent for Vessel Scrapping/Demolition.Agents for BUNKER/SHIP REPAIR.Inward/Outward Entry with Port/Customs/Immigration.Outer Port Limit (OPL) Services.Outer Anchorage Services.Chandlers, Lube Oil and Spare Parts supply.Stevedores, Check Tally, Surveys Services.Crew Change Services.

Shipping Agent; We offer all quite shipping agency service to the overseas Principals. We’ve easy accessibility to the key personnel of the Custom, port and completely different authorities for a fast and swish dealing of all necessary formalities.  Through our dedicated and skilled employees at AGENT MARINE SERVICES, we have a tendency to guarantee your vessels enter and exit a port quickly and with efficiency,  from per-arrival to post departure; our personnel pay explicit attention to correct and speedy communication in handling overall disbursement management. We’ve succeeded in establishing the corporate by taking a special approach. We have a tendency to ne’er compromise the interest of our Principals and shoppers.

Project & Heavy Lift Cargo Handling; In conjunction with lifting and transporting extraordinarily large cargoes, England Logistics has the capacity to move entire industrial facilities.We can scale our resources up or down to match the requirements of virtually any sized project, and we routinely integrate operations between our GLOBAL SOURCING and Special Projects Engineering specialists to relocate machinery throughout the world. These relocations often require the disassembly, relocation and reassembly of industrial equipment. England Logistics serves a broad scope of industries, including food products, petrochemical, refining, alternative energy, mining and power generation.

Owner’s Protecting Agent; AGENT MARINE SERVICES feel happy to work with ship owner in majority as their representative of all TURKISH PORTS of call. We can assure the reason-ability of any port service, like provision, deck store, engine store, spare parts, engine, GENERATOR, main engine, machinery, radio marine navigational equipment, purifier / separator, fresh water generator, air / water compressor, piston, cylinder liner, valve, crankshaft, connecting rod, pump, motor, gyro compass, echo sounder, vhf, radar, repair, crane, hydraulic etc. supply or replace. Our core service of Owner protecting agency are as follows:

  1. Cargo Supervision
  2. Bunker delivery Coordination
  3. Cargo damage reporting
  4. Claims handling
  5. Crew change assistance
  6. Crew Medical assistance
  7. Launch service
  8. On/off hire survey coordination
  9. Rejected cargo follow-up
  10. Vessel boarding
  11. Draft survey coordination
  12. Loading/discharging supervision
  13. Bill of leading Arrangement
  14. Project Cargo handling

Charterer’s Agent; Agent Marine Services acts for another party that has an interest in the port call. The specific duties undertaken vary depending on the relationship between the charter parties whose are fix the vessel to the destination of cargo, there charterer agent are already performed. Charter agent bound to maintain charter parties terms and condition. Also liable for any unexpected situation held on port.  Also responsible to pay all the port, custom, LIGHT house, berth, crane, mercantile marine department, shipping office, sea immigration.


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